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The Shyne Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create public platforms to recognize the positive achievements of youth between the ages 13-19 including offering, educational programs and events to assure the personal, social and academic attainment of all youth.

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  • Free College Scholarship Event
  • We are accepting nominations! TheShyneAwards.org
  • Nominate a young person for a Shyne Award! We celebrate all young people (13-19). The deadline is Labor Day. TheShyneAwards.org
  • We celebrate the positive achievements of all young adults between the ages of 13-19 in western & eastern Pennsylvania! • Shyne Honorees are presented with a Financial Gift, a Shyne Award and are a part of a support network of achievers for a lifetime! TheShyneAwards.org
  • Join the movement! For over 10 years The Shyne Awards has celebrated young people. Nominate a young adult TODAY! Visit TheShyneAwards.org .. if we don’t celebrate our youth who will?