Past Nominees & Honorees

Congratulations to the 2018 Shyne Awards Honorees:

Ciara Sing (Arts)

Khaliya Jackson (Community Service)

Dominique Green (Academics)

Zion Harris (Service in Ministry)

Felecia McFarlane (Service in Ministry)

Crossroads Foundation (Young Professionals Leadership Council) Young Adult Group

YouthPlaces (Movement Award)

Leah Baker Fowler (Entrepreneurship)

Sarah Heinz House (Robotics Program) (Science)

Congratulations to the 2016 Shyne Awards Honorees:

Adam C. White (Academics)

Robert X. Liggett (Community Service)

Taneisha Crawford (Service in Ministry)

Alex Portis (Entrepreneurship)

Naomi Zenmom (Arts)

Raja Rutherford (Leadership)

Shailen Abram (Overcoming Obstacles)

City Charter High School (Young Adult Group)

My Brother’s Keeper (Movement Award)


Chelsea Marie Lewis (Academics)

Seairra Barrett (Community Service)

Nicole Gadsden (Service in Ministry)

Jesse Joziah Council (Entrepreneurship)

LoRen Knight (The Arts)

Sahara Duncan (Leadership)

Jasmyne Gray (Overcoming Obstacles)

SLAAM Basketball (Young Adult Group)

Charles Scales III (Science)

2013 Shyne Awards Essay Honoree!


Marce won a laptop, an interview on WAMO100 radio station and will be recognized at The 7th Annual Shyne Awards for writing an essay. Marce participated in our essay contest and effectively communicated what kind of Pittsburgh she would want to live and what she would be willing to do to help Pittsburgh become what she envisions.

The essay contest would like to thank The Pittsburgh Promise, WAMO100 and Indiana University of Pennsylvania for their support!

Congratulations to the 2012 Shyne Awards Honorees:

Destiny Hall (Academics)

Deja T. Hopkins (Renaissance)

Felecia McFarlane (Service in Ministry)

Stephanie Jimenez (Arts)

Taylor Jones (Community Service)

Kimberly Lewis (Overcoming Obstacles)

Amber Liggett (Entrepreneurship)

Joshua Manley-Lee (Overcoming Obstacles)

Bria Marie Petite (Entrepreneurship)

The New Pittsburgh Courier (The Movement Award)

Shyne Award Winners – 2012

Stephanie Jimenez (Grand Prize Winner)
Won $500 and will perform at The 6th Annual Shyne Awards on August 25, 2012

Felecia McFarlene (Dance)
Won an opportunity to perform at The 6th Annual Shyne Awards and will be dancing to a piece by the Grand Prize Winner Stephanie Jimenez

Nicole Hill (Dance)
Won a dance scholarship to the Greer Reed Summer Intensive Dance Program

Teireik Williams (Theatre)
Won an opportunity to perform with the August Wilson Center Theatre Ensemble next season

Jasmine Gray (Vocal)
Is The Shyne Awards “Spotlight” Winner and will perform at The 6th Annual Shyne Awards!

Shyne Award Winners – 2010

Chelsey Lowe (Academics)

Jazmine Bailey (Arts)

Rachel Tobin (Community Service)

Angel Treats (Entrepreneurship)

Moriah Brock (Service in Ministry)

Braddock Youth Group (Young Adult Group)

Khadijha Berry (Overcoming Obstacles)

Jesus Anoints Me (J.A.M.) (The Movement Award)

Tim Stevens (Gwendolyn J. Elliott Lifetime Achievement Award)

Shyne Award Winners – 2009

NAKA Entertainment (Arts Category)

Denise Jones (Academic Category)

Larry Halisham (Community Service)

DeVaughn Robinson Jr., Bernard H. Jones (Entrepreneurship Award)

Neyuama Porter-Bair (Overcoming Obstacles Recipient)

Bakari Thompson (Science Category)

Team Excellence (Service in Ministry Category)

Mel Blount (Gwendolyn J. Elliott Lifetime Achievement Award)

Homewood Brushton Community Ministries (The Movement Award)

3rd Shyne Awards – 2009

The 3rd Annual Shyne Awards was hosted by Actor Malik Yoba (“Cool Runnings”, “New York Undercover”, “Why Did I Get Married?” and featured Actor/Singer Ryan Patrick Parker as our Red Carpet Correspondent. The event was held at the elegant Byham Theatre, Downtown. The young adults were treated as the stars that they are by being transported to The 3rd Annual Shyne Awards in limousines!

The night included local performances by some of Pittsburgh’s talented young adults, including Shyne winners from previous years, and each award was presented by last year’s Shyne Award winner. It was a night that will always be remembered!

2009 SHYNE AWARD Top Nominees

Denise Jones
Ivory Bennett
Talia Kirkland

Jazmine Bailey
NAKA Entertainment
Paul Keys
Carter Redwood

Community Service
Bakari Thompson
Cyndnei Mallory
Larry Hailsham
Thomas Wory

Larry Hailsham
Westinghouse High School Culinary Program
DeVaughn Robinson Jr.

Bakari Thompson
Larry Hailsham

Service in Ministry
Steven Edmonds
Trevaun L. Hairston
Team Excellence
Sarah Joy Gilmer

Overcoming Obstacles
Neyuama Porter-Bair

The Movement Award
Homewood-Brushton Community Ministries

2nd SHYNE AWARDS – 2008

The Shyne Awards was held at the Kelly Strayhorn Theatre and featured a pre-ceremony reception where the nominees, their families, sponsors and supporters enjoyed delicious food, received gift bags provided by sponsors, heard remarks by SHYNE Founders and had their pictures taken by a professional photographer.

During the event, attendees enjoyed a Grammy-style event complete with professional lighting and digital technology! Each award was presented by last year’s Shyne winner. The audience also enjoyed local entertainment and family and friends cheered and supported the achievements of the Top Nominees and the Shyne Award Winners.

The 2008 SHYNE Awards received close to 100 nominations – twenty students were selected as the event’s Top Nominees!

2008 SHYNE AWARD Top Nominees

Janel A. Young
Dion White
Bakari Thompson
Justin Payne

Community Service
Keturah Vactor
Malik Johnson and
Amanda A. Parks

Service in Ministry
Charmaine Clarke
Rodriquez Tate
Erica Lynne Witherspoon and
Keturah Vactor

DaMarra Chanel Underwood
Jourdan Martin
James Porter Traylor and
NAKA Entertainment

James Porter Traylor
Activ8 Youth Ministry
Mt. Ararat Youth Café
DaMarra Chanel Underwood

1st SHYNE AWARDS – 2007

The SHYNE Awards was held on the Gateway Clipper’s Liberty Belle and featured a buffet dinner, selected by the SHYNE Awards Youth Committee, KDKA-TV Morning Anchor John Cater was the event’s Keynote Speaker, National Recording Artists “Crave” was on hand to sign autographs and take pictures, local young adults provided entertainment and family and friends cheered and supported the achievements of the Top Nominees and the SHYNE Award Winners.

The 2007 SHYNE Awards received 100 nominations. Fifteen students were selected as the event’s Top Nominees!

2007 SHYNE AWARD Top Nominees

Jamiyla Diamond Miller
Amanda Parks
Justin Payne

Community Service
Robert Travis
Michael Turner
Keturah Vactor

Service in Ministry
Terrell Jackson
RJ Tate
Erica Witherspoon

Jourdan Martin,
Kontara J. Morphis
Raymont Youngblood

Daniel Miller Jr.
Mt. Ararat Baptist Church Youth Cafe

Gwendolyn J. Elliott Lifetime Achievement Awards

2018 – Jean Bryant, Miss Black Teenage Pageant

2013 – Dr. Marcia Sturdivant, Negro Emergency Education Fund (NEED)

2011 – Alma Speed Fox, Freedom Unlimited

2010 – Tim Stevens

2009 – Melvin C. Blount, Executive Director, Mel Blount Home for Boys

2008 – Rashaad Byrdson, Executive Director, Community Empowerment Association

2007 – Richard Carrington, Executive Director, Voices Against Violence