Our Focus

The Shyne Awards
Program Schools

Urban Pathways 6-12 Charter School
Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts 6–12
City Charter High School 9-12

The Shyne Awards is a student empowerment organization that exposes young adults to Career, Higher Education, Personal Development and Leadership opportunities.

Due to the violence and crime in our communities, school drop-out rate, absentee parent or guardian for youth and media portrayal of youth; we are in desperate need to rebuild our communities, restore our youth’s image and protect their value.

The Shyne Awards is designed to Show How Youth Need to Excel and will operate as an extension to academic and enrichment education beyond home and school and be a catalyst for change amongst the youth and the community at large.

Our Key Stakeholders include: Shyne Awards alumni, community, civic and business leaders, parents, neighborhood residents, business owners, police and school officials, the church community, all youth and other interested parties interested and equipped to create and support our efforts to provide effective programming.

Our primary focus is to serve students who attend the three Downtown Pittsburgh High Schools. Below are our three program focus areas:

Career Program
Overall Goal: To expose program students to corporations, non-profit entities and business leaders in the Greater Pittsburgh region.

Higher Education Program
Overall Goal: To expose program students to higher education institutions, enrolled students and professionals in the Greater Pittsburgh region.

Student Empowerment Program
Overall Goal: To build and deliver customized opportunities to program students that build self-confidence, increase aptitude and empower for future success.